Friday, April 24, 2015

The Great American Pastime

I lament when it is over in the fall. I wait anxiously all winter for it to come again. Then it is time again. Yay!

It begins in February. Spring training. The players report to camp to work off whatever rust they may have picked up over the winter. Of course they all stay in shape and some even improve themselves during the off months. But spring training is when they go to work for real.

After a couple of weeks of workouts teams begin playing games against each other. These games do not count for the real season but are designed to get the pitchers some work against batters and the batters work against real pitching. Some of those games are broadcast so we can watch.

Then Baseball Season starts. Opening Day in Detroit is almost a holiday. Comerica Park is always packed. People who are really brave skip school or call in sick to work to be able to attend if they can manage to get tickets. They sell out early.

I am a Tigers fan. I feel we have the best team and the nicest players. I know it is a prejudice but there you are.

Miguel Cabrera is recognized as the best hitter in baseball. He is like a little boy and has so much fun that you cannot help but smile when he is playing.

Justin Verlander and David Price are both Cy Young Award winners. David Price pitched for another team when he won his award. However we had Max Scherzer who left us and is now playing for another team.

Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera combined to win the American League Most Valuable Player 3 years in a row.

We have one of the best designated hitters in baseball. Our fielders are on top of the game. Our pitchers are doing a good job. Our hitting and base running are better than I hoped for this year.

As I write this we are the team with the highest percentage of wins versus losses. I am sure that will not stand all year but I can hope.

The main thing is that the season has started. Because I no longer live near Detroit I pay an astronomical fee to be able to receive the games on television. It is worth it.

So in the summer you will probably find me in front of the television screaming at the ball game. Go Tigers!


  1. Dear Emma, I don't know much about baseball - but watched a lot of basketball (husband played it, being 1.98m helped).

    1. My second grandson played basketball. My oldest played football. They both love most sports and like to get together to watch whatever is on television. I like to watch high school football and basketball. Hockey live is fun and soccer or football as most nations call it is also fun. But baseball is my passion.

    2. Baseball is my favorite sport too.

    3. Well I at the time wrote this I knew that my Tigers would not keep the winning pace they were doing then. They went through a little losing streak but I hope they are ready to win again.

  2. I love baseball too. Jilda and I go to Braves games occasionally and. The atmosphere is incredible.
    The Tigers are a class act.

    1. The Tigers and I thank you. I like good sportsmanship in everything. The Braves are doing well too. There is nothing like going to the game but television is the net best thing. I used to take my children to old Tiger Stadium often.