Friday, April 10, 2015

End Of Days

Tomorrow will be your last day on earth. Suppose you just found out that your time was at an end. How would you spend that final day?

I saw a talk show the other day. Someone had written a book about what he would like to do on his final day.

I began to think seriously about what I would do.

There are always those days when you think, "If I only had one more day I would eat the most expensive, the most exotic meal I could think of." Maybe I would do one of those many things I said I would do but never did. Maybe I would go shopping and buy whatever I wanted. Perhaps I would go see every movie showing in the theater. The possibilities are really only limited by my own yearnings.

I also used to say that if I knew the "big bomb" was on it's way I would hope to be right where it hit. That way death would be instant.

The only thing I would ask is that I have enough time to gather my children into a big hug and tell them how much I love them before that bomb hit.

I know putting my children with me where the bomb was going to land sounds selfish. I have more altruistic motives. Anywhere close to that point would cause so much damage. Death might not be instant. I do not want my children to suffer. If they are with me I know they would not.

I know it is morbid. But I am fairly certain it will never happen.It is a worst case sort of thing.

Back to the original question. What would I want to do on my final day?

It would be a pleasant day. The sun would be shining but it would not be too warm. There would be a few fluffy clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze... just enough to move the air. The grass would be green and the flowers plentiful.

My whole family would be there. My children, their spouses, my grandchildren, their spouses, and my great-grandchildren. Any other family member would be welcome and enjoyed but those are the ones I definitely would wish for.

There would be food and drink. None of us drink much in the way of alcohol so most of the drinks would be softer. And cool with ice in them.

On the menu would be fried chicken, potato salad, garden salad, and various desserts. All things that can be eaten whenever one wants to go fill a plate or just grab a drumstick.

We would spend the day just enjoying the company. Maybe a few lawn games to be played. Maybe the children (both young and old) can run through the sprinkler. Maybe just sitting in a rocker and remembering.

The dog would love the attention from all the children. She would run and jump as they cheerfully and laughingly chased them.

All in all it would just be a relaxing loving day.


  1. You have raised a thought-provoking question here, Emma. And while I like how yiurs would be spent amongst family and sharing comfort foods, I have no idea of my choice.

    1. I once had a friend ask me what I would wish to say to my father if I had a second chance. He was shocked to learn that I felt there was nothing unsaid. My father loved me and I know it. I loved my father and he knew it. Nothing else is important. That is basically what my long-winded tale above was trying to convey. Say it now and have no regrets later.

  2. I remember on 9/11/2001 when the people on the airplanes knew that they were on doomed flights, they called their loved ones to tell them that they loved them.

    1. What a horrendous day that was. There were also several people in the towers who called home. Family is what is important.

  3. I saw a movie last year with that idea and afterward, I spent some tome thinking about this very topic.
    It's too bad we can't spend each day as if it were our last.

    1. It is too bad. Unfortunately LIFE gets in the way sometimes.

  4. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Very relevant question which should be pondered in depth.

    It is interesting to read what you would do with your last day.

    Actually, we should spend each day as our last day because life is so uncertain and unpredictable. For instance, a man goes out in the morning but he doesn't return home in the evening because he is killed in an accident.
    However, we normally think that we will not die and our life will last for ever. Hence we go around wasting our life with useless activities and fruitless endeavors.

    I would like to spend my last day as a normal day and thank God for all the good things I have in this world.

    Best wishes.

    1. You are so right. I enjoy learning how other people think about this subject.