Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Shopping

I must brag. I have all my Christmas shopping finished. All the packages have been mailed. I am so proud of me. This is the second year in a row.

I used to be notorious for last-minute shopping. There were several reasons for this.

The first is that I enjoyed the Christmas crowds. I liked being in the middle of a bunch of people and elbowing and pushing them. It got some of my aggressions out of my system.

Also it was difficult to go shopping because I had four children. Whenever I went somewhere I had to find someone to watch them. My parents and siblings were helpful but I hated to impose too much.

And I married a man whose family had never really done Christmas the way my family did. I think it was more of a nuisance to them than a pleasure. So he did not enjoy shopping and did not like to go with me.

He somehow developed the impression that if he was not ready for Christmas it would wait for him. Oh let's go shopping tomorrow... or next week. It was like pulling teeth and I usually ended up going by myself.

I love picking out the right gift for a person. I want it to be something they would like and I would like to give them. It takes time and thought but I want to be happy with the gifts I give.

Then they all have to be wrapped. Sometimes I do ribbons and bows but usually I just wrap them with pretty paper and a bit of scotch tape.

Now I live so far away from my children. I have to mail the gifts so I try to be at the post office right after Thanksgiving.

I also live at least 25 miles from any stores so shopping is no longer that much fun. But I found a way. I shop on-line.

I can watch for those special gifts and buy them all during the year. When they are conveniently delivered to my house I unpack the delivery carton and wrap the gift. That way I do not have to sit down and wrap them all at the same time. Then before Christmas they are ready to put into a carton and mailed for Christmas.

I can make Christmas stockings for all of them in the same way. There are companies on the computer that sell small toys and fun candies. Many of them come in quantities and they are cheaper that way. The stockings are boxed and mailed too.

So I am done for this year. All packages mailed. Pat me on the back. I am proud.


  1. That is an outstanding job to have been done with Christmas shopping at this point in time. The fact is I hate being in a rush and in the midst of crowd shopping but in the end I always find myself in the same scenario.

    1. After working in a department store for many years I am completely over shopping. I hate to go for groceries or anything else. At the same time I really enjoy buying gifts for the people I care about. The computer is ideal for me.

  2. so good for you, I am terrible with shopping, that is why probably I am one of those who does not do any Christmas shopping because I do not know how to shop :( It's great to be able to finish Christmas shopping this early

    1. I live on a fixed income so I also must be careful of my spending. By watching sales online I am able to buy things that I would not be able to afford otherwise. And I can spread my spending over a period of time instead of trying to have the funds right before Christmas.

  3. Online shopping is reqlly a plus to folks who live a distance from any major shopping areas. In the small VA town we lived in for over 10 years, you would have to travel 90 minutes either north or south to reach major shopping areas. Our tiwn, however, did boast a Walmart, department-tyoe store, discount store, several thrift stores nearby and a couple of dollar discount places. Good for you in planning ahead and also for thinking about the oerson you were buying for as too manynfolks don't do that.

    1. My family did not have much money but we always celebrated Christmas in a big way. We were taught by example to think about the person you were giving a gift to. It is something so ingrained that we all still do it.