Friday, September 26, 2014

Gallows Humor

My son has some more stories to share. I put in a couple of notes to update and I changed or eliminated names. I certainly do not need a lawsuit! This may be the last from him for a while because he is busy with appeals. They are rapidly coming and they take a lot of his time. Things are looking good.

This story is about when the bank put $111,000 in my bank account by mistake. It was at the time that the cops put all 20 of my trucks in the impound and were saying they were all illegal. They knew they were all legal and bought from legitimate dealers but that's the excuse they used to keep them in the impound and not let me get them out. 

They said I had to wait until their inspector inspected them, I tried to get my own but they wouldn't let me. They were holding them for months so I couldn't make my payments. I had over $20,000 a month in payments. They held my trucks for 4 months until the banks came and got them! 

Anyway, I called the bank to check my account because I just put a check in for $1,110. They made a mistake and put 2 extra 0's behind it. I was a very bad book keeper so I thought the money was mine, so I took it out and spent it. 

I had a friend a few years before this that another bank put over $1,000,000 in his account. He had one semi and it was old and he didn't have any money. I told him to take that money out and use it, he would never see that kind of money. 

He was scared of going to jail and after a couple of weeks, told them about it. They sent him a thank you letter, they didn't even give him a coffee pot! 

Anyway when my deal finally got around to being found out by the bank (6 months later) they took me to civil court, it's not criminal! When we get there, there are a lot of big companies there for bankruptcy. The bank had 6 lawyers and everyone else there had a bunch of lawyers except me, I had one. 

We got called up first, the judge listened to both sides and asked the bank's lawyer to turn and face the court room and tell them where you're from. The lawyer asked why? 

The judge said everyone in here is here because they need money. I want them all to know where to go and get $111,000 for free, case dismissed. My lawyer grabbed me and said lets get out of here, we were gone, and done with them! 

I mentioned before about helping a guy with his sentencing. I learned from that and others I helped what to do in different court hearings. That's how I got years off my sentence at my sentencing. It wasn't luck, I studied and I was prepared. 

I had help along the way, in our county a couple of the corporals and the law clerk let me go into the law library every day and study case law. No one gets to do that. The most you get is 1 hour a week and you get rushed out at that. I would put the books back in order after the day was over and they let me stay all day and study. 

I learned from a lot of different sources how to fight; Dr. Phil book, Sovereignty, winning cases, and even losing cases, and a lot of others. 

The law clerk and I got to be good friends, I showed him some stuff that got him started with the sovereignty and he, after a couple years ended up becoming sovereign and quitting his job there. He worked as the law clerk there for over 12 years. 

The corporals let me go to the law library because when my name was put in the newspapers, they said I got indicted with 4 cops. The cops looked out for me because they knew who came to see me and I never told on anyone or talked to a prosecutor. So they looked at it as I was taking care of the other cops buy not telling on them. 

Even though I didn't even know those cops, but they didn't need to know that,haha. I learned that to win, you NEED to look outside the box, you can't do what everyone else does. 

This one is a little crazy. I'm already in the county jail, waiting for court on a couple different cases and they take me to another city to start court proceedings on a couple stolen vehicles. I get there and they try to give me a lawyer that I already heard about that is the worst lawyer ever! I tell them I don't want him and I'm not taking him as my lawyer. 

 They try to force me to and I tell them no! They tell me there is nothing I can do about it, I tell the lawyer if he gets near me I'll punch him in the face, he will not be my lawyer. I already heard and saw his work and I won't be screwed like he does all his clients! Finally they give me another lawyer and also put me in restraints also. I don't care, I just wanted a new lawyer and I would've done anything to get one. 

The next time I go to court, I'm in a mood that I just didn't care about anything and I didn't care what the judge was talking about. I stuck my tongue out at the court clerk and told the judge this whole thing was a waste of time. 

I said I was on multiple charges in other courts that held life sentences and large term sentences and this was nothing to me! He said you think this is a joke! I said yes! 

He said I'm going to give you a $100,000 bond! I said I can't get out if you give me a $1,000,000 bond, give me that! So he did. It didn't bother me, I couldn't get out if he paid my bond himself. I was on parole with a hold and I had bonds in other courts I couldn't get out on. There was nothing they could do to me in that court that would bother me, or so I thought!?! 

Then the next time I went to court, I was in the back talking to my new lawyer. He asked me if I was going to hit him if he came in the cell to talk, I said no, I was only threatening the other lawyer because he was a piece of *edited* that didn't work for anyone. 

The new lawyer said that my co-defendant would be in court in this hearing? I said co-defendant, I don't have one? He said they arrested your mom. 

Boy did that shock me! I couldn't believe it. I found out later, the feds arrest peoples' family a lot, they do that to make you plead guilty. They don't care if your family has nothing to do with anything. Sure enough she was there and I didn't act a fool again! 

When the cop was taking me back to County jail after court, he said they treated my mom with respect when they arrested her and he didn't want to do it, the F.B.I. made him. I said don't give me that bull*edit*, how can you treat someone with respect while you're arresting them? 

They can get real dirty, I would've never thought they would do that but after I read a couple stories about peoples cases, I saw that the fed's do some real dirty, illegal stuff to get you! My lawyer was amazed because I got a deal for only a year in the county for this, he didn't think they would do it. I told them I would go to trial if I couldn't get it, and I meant it. That case was a real mess. 

Note from Emma: I was arrested for auto theft, believe it of not. I appeared in court and the judge dismissed the charges because they were unfounded. I have no police record. They were simply trying to get my son to plead guilty in order to protect me.

This is about my state drug charge. As you know, I've been fighting it since Feb. 2005. Back in I think it was April 05 me and my lawyer were in court at a hearing to see if we could get my case dismissed for illegal search. We did. 

The court date before that we were supposed to do this but the prosecutor said they had a case that showed it wasn't illegal, so the judge gave them time to get it and bring it to court. I had the regular prosecutor from the county and a special one from the state capitol. When we got back to court, the judge asked the prosecutor if they had that case. They said they were in a rush and must have left it in the office at the capitol. 

My lawyer said "I know for a fact they don't have one that fits this, I'll stake my law degree on it". He studied my case for a month straight and knew they were lying. 

Anyway, the judge ended up throwing the case out and the prosecutor from the state called me a monster and a menace to society and got so mad she threw a book at me and just missed my head. My lawyer grabbed me and rushed me out of the court room. 

Now here is where this story gets interesting!! I was in prison on my parole violation because of this and saw on the news a story about a prosecutor from the County that got caught with a dead body in the trunk of his car! It was the same prosecutor that called me a monster for selling drugs. 

The prosecutor was getting high all night with his friend and his friend O.D.ed and died. The prosecutor was high and didn't know what to do so he put his friend's body in the trunk of his car and was driving around the city. 

This is the same person with the other prosecutor that thought so bad of me. What an example! 

I've been fighting this case for years and they did everything they could to stop me from appealing this case. I started in Feb. 2005 and they lost my paperwork in 2007 and found it again in 2009 to get me convicted, then they lost it again in 09 so I couldn't appeal the case and didn't find it again until 2013 when I put a motion in that said they either had to (find) my paperwork or let me out of prison, they all of a sudden found it, amazing! 

Note from Emma: My son was finally able to file his appeal on this case after years of trying to get any kind of cooperation from anyone about his case files. He recently won his appeal.
This is the story of when the feds tried to frame me for beating one of the Smith (the name has been changed) brothers. I think it was Bob (again changed)? 

Anyway, he got beat in the face with a wooden pole while he was at a bar in the city. All the bones in his face were broken and he was in the hospital for a long time. 

This happened in Feb. 2006. He told the feds and the prosecutor I did this to him and also a (confidential informant) told them I did this too. They both gave the same exact statement and said they were sure it was me! 

I told my lawyer I'm not worried about that charge, we are going to beat that. He said, I know your confident and all but this is a very bad charge and they got a very good case against you. I said no they don't, I got the second best alibi I could have.The best would be if I had been dead at the time.

I was in a state correctional facility from mid 2005 until late 2006. There's no way I could've done this unless I broke out of prison and did it and then broke back in before they missed me! He was shocked! 

He went and told the prosecutor they had the wrong guy and why. The prosecutor, instead of being glad they didn't lock up the wrong guy for this crime was so mad that they couldn't charge me threw her water bottle across the room. 

That's when my federal lawyer started to see "The Springfield curse". That's the curse of the Springfields that makes the cops hate us and want to do anything they can to get us!

Here's another story about my dad. He was on the run from the cops so he moved to Tennessee. His house was on a highway inside of the mountains, right outside of a small town. 

I was down there one time visiting him when all of a sudden a bunch of cops pulled up in the driveway. There were a few people in the house and we were all surprised. 

Dad ran to the back of the house and we all stayed in the front. The cops came and beat on the door. I said what do you want? They said they were looking for a person named John Springfield and they wanted in. 

I said you can't come in if you don't have a warrant! They said they were going to bust the door down, they didn't need a warrant! Dad's wife let them in. 

They came rushing in the house and looking through everything. They had us all in the same room and checked all of our I.D.'s. They asked us if we knew John Springfield? We all said no. They came to me and said it's funny you don't know him when you have the same last name as he does? I said it's a common name I suppose. 

They knew better but it's not me they were looking for and they can't do anything to me for not knowing someone. They were mad, real mad because they didn't find him. They stayed a while and finally left when they saw it wasn't doing them any good bothering us any more. 

He had a trap door in the floor of the back room and went out from there. There was no back door to the house. Right behind the house was a stream of water and he crawled from under the house to it and swam down a ways to a friend of his house and stayed there for a while. 

The reason they were looking for him was, some people told them his name because the cops were looking at him as a suspect in a murder? From what I hear, there was a guy that was going around there and robbing the older people in their homes. The guy would target people that were too old to even get around! 

The reason they were looking at Dad was the guy robbed Dad's friend and someone ran him over with a Semi on one of the very small back roads. Dad was one of the few people that drove around there with a Semi so he was a suspect. 

Later when he got caught here in this state, they checked about him being involved in that and decided he had nothing to do with it. I just thought it was a funny story how he swam to freedom when the cops came. Ok I better end this, talk to you later. 


  1. Amazed every time I read these post from your son, Emma. It seems to me that he has gotten some pretty raw deals.

    1. We believe he has. We also believe that he is not the only one. The old saying goes that there are no guilty people in prison. Whether that is true or not each and every prisoner has the right to justice. Planting evidence and coercing testimonies is not justice. Mistreatment of prisoners and their families is not justice. interfering with the legal process is not justice. If there is enough evidence to prosecute there should be no need to fabricate more. It is sad.