Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

Another Mother's Day has passed. I still miss you so much. I miss being able to call you to ask you to help me find just that right word that I am searching for. I miss knowing that you are just a phone call away.

I know that you loved me. You knew that I loved you. There was never a question of that. That is because of you. You were a steady cool flowing stream that made us all feel safe and secure, to paraphrase someone we both met.

It seemed that nothing could rattle you. You just took what came along and dealt with it.

I always tell everyone that you are the most intelligent person I have ever known. Of course you know that to be true. And you expected intelligence from me. Thank you.

Your grandchildren feel the same way. They all aspire to be like their grandparents. There is no higher praise. My great-grandchildren are fond of saying, "If Grandma doesn't know, nobody knows!" I simply tell them that their great-grandma would know more.

It is spring now. You would be busy planting your garden. All sorts of vegetables would grow to be canned and frozen. But you always left a large amount of space for your flowers. The more colorful the better.

I miss your companionship. We really enjoyed each other's company. Whether it was playing cards, attending a political function, or taking a trip we had great fun.

I have read a few books that I know you would like. I wish I could hand them to you so you could read them too.

I even miss you admonishing me "not to talk like that" whenever I said something you felt I should not say. You expected "more" from me. That is why I strove to be "more". I hope I have come close to what you wished for me.

Love, Emma


  1. This was a beautiful post, Emma, and it wonderfully expresses what many of us wish we had or could say to our own mothers.

    1. It is never to late to jot down a quick note to a loved one. You can even just sit quietly and tell them what you are feeling at the moment. It keeps memories alive and you would be surprised at how good you feel when you are finished.