Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More From My Son

Here is some more from my son. He requested that I write his stories too. I took out names and places and heavily bleeped a few parts. Otherwise this is in his own words. I hope you like it.

My federal charges all started when they arrested me one day after getting pulled over in the semi I was driving. I wasn't doing anything wrong at all, just working 10 hours a day. But they don't care about that, they just want to lock everyone up. I got arrested and they took me to the jail in the nearest town. That is where their investigation started. 

I spent the weekend there and first thing Monday morning this fed agent came and opened the cell door and said "I'll give you one chance and one chance only, you can either help yourself or **** yourself!" I told him, I'm sure you've seen my record, I'm real good at ****ing myself, I'll stick to that. He said, " I'm going to **** you like you never been ****ed before!!" and he slammed the cell door so hard I thought it would break off. 

He kept his promise about ****ing me over. He did everything he could do to make it hard on me. He is still at work! He left me in the county jail for 3 and a half years, steals my mail (that's illegal but they do it a lot, it's called a mail block), and even had the state courts "lose" my paperwork on my state case so I couldn't appeal my case for years. There is a lot more stuff he has done but it's a very long list and we don't have time for it. 

After that, they sent me to county court to get arraigned and set a bail for me. They charged me with a retagged* motorcycle. A family friend came and bailed me out before they could even put me in the county for processing. 

After that, I went on the run for a few months. Until one morning when I was at my girlfriend's house and they raided it and arrested me again. The federal officer was there and he found a bag of weed in another part of the house, somewhere I wasn't. He of course charged me with it. 

Also he stripped me to my underwear and took me into the basement and pulled a bottle of Vicoden from his pocket. It was my girlfriend's mom's legal prescription. He said to me, "I usually don't do this but I'm going to give you another chance." I said, I'm still on **** myself mode and shut my mouth! 

He then started to pull the name tag off the bottle of Vicoden and said,"It only gets worse from here!" I think he thought that was going to scare me. Well it did a little but I sure wasn't going to let him know that. I was charged in 3 different state courts with a bunch of charges and 2 federal courts.

I beat the first fed court stuff because it was an illegal search. They had an arrest warrant for me, not a search warrant for the house! Got um! And the other fed court stuff was my R.I.C.O. court and I beat all my charges except the drug conspiracy. I'm going to beat that on appeal. 

They tried everything they could to break me. They had me in all those courts trying to overwhelm me and get me to give up. My lawyer came to me and said they wanted me to tell on people and they would put me in the witness protection program. 

First, I don't know anything about anyone else and second, all my crimes had nothing to do with the Club**. How would I tell on people that I didn't do anything illegal with! And lastly, what kind of ass would I be if I just went along with their lies and send innocent people to prison just to get time off my sentence. 

And just to let you know, I'm one of only 5 people in the whole country to beat the R.I.C.O. statutes in trial, and the only person in the country to ever be charged with both R.I.C.O., R.I.C.O. conspiracy and Conducting a Criminal Enterprise. No one has ever gone through all that except me. 

They tried to make it as hard on me as they could. They left me in county jail for over 3 and a half years. That's like being in the hole all that time. 

But I made the best of it while I was there. I learned the law and how to fight in court. That's how I beat so many charges. They put the pressure on me and I had 2 choices, either give give up or fight with everything I got. I fought! After everything was over, everyone at the federal prison threw a party because I beat the R.I.C.O.'s.

Add this to the last part of the last story I sent you. I don't believe a person should get rewarded for telling on their co-defendants. The only way they should be allowed to testify against them is if they are getting no benefit from doing it. People are taught to handle their own burdens and not place them on others. So why is it ok for the government to reward people for doing this? 

Here's about my trucking company. I started driving trucks when I was 14. My dad taught me how to drive with 2 trailers behind the truck. By the time I was old enough to get my license, I was one of the best around at backing up the double trailers, because I had experience with a bunch of different combinations. 

We started hauling steel coils on flat bed trailers and got into everything from box vans to liquid tankers with no baffles (those are illegal now because they are too dangerous). I started with 1 truck and worked hard everyday. We worked 14 to 20 hours a day and for a long time, that's all we did. 

I ended up getting a couple more trucks and hiring some guys to drive them. After a while, I got into a deal with a company that was transferring loads from an auto plant to some storage places and I started buying more trucks and getting into different runs. At one time, I had 20 trucks of my own and 10 people with their own trucks leased on to my company. 

I got into some trouble with the cops over a deal I got into were I was leasing trailers to small trucking companies and trailer leasing companies. I specialized in custom, hard to get trailers. It would have all been legal except the trailers were all stolen and retagged! 

I had trucks going to Texas, down to the Mexican border, I had a deal worked out with the largest trucking company in Canada to be their main carrier on the American side of the border. With that deal alone, I was on track to do millions in revenue and within a year, my company would've quadrupled in size. 

I even had a guy do a favor for me and got me an expedited load out of the auto plant so that they would put me down as one of their official carriers. People said I couldn't do that because that company wasn't taking new carriers at the time, but I was known for fixing problems and getting things done! 

Then the Free Trade Agreement came into town! That basically put me out of business!!! Everything those big companies needed me for, they could do themselves now. Along with putting my American drivers out of work it ruined the pay level for a lot of people in America! The trucking companies now could haul their loads in America so I was out of all that business, which was most of my business. 

Also every trucking company in America lost money because the loads like the ones I specialized in (on time loads), the pay rates went down. Loads I used to haul for $3 a mile, now were being hauled buy Mexican carriers for $1 a mile. We couldn't compete.

I had 20 trucks at the time and almost all my business was eliminated with one stroke of the president's pen. I owned five trucking companies and I owned one third of two other companies. Those last two companies were set up to lease trailers to small trucking companies and other trailer leasing companies. I knew a lot of people in the business and had everything lined up and running. But like I said, powers higher than what my concerns were had other plans. Ok I better end this, I don't like talking about this stuff, it brings up a lot of memories of what could've been.

From Emma: * retagged means that vehicle identification numbers are altered or exchanged  
                      * * Club refers to a motorcycle club to which he belonged


  1. Felt sorry for your son and what was done to him and his business, Emma. I wondered how he is doing now and of course would not ask where as it really is none of my business. But wherever he is hope he is OK.

    1. My son is doing as well as can be expected. His appeals are moving forward at a snail's pace. Unfortunately all the time he spent at that county jail have caused some problems for him. No one is supposed to be there for more than 6 months. It is an old facility which is indescribably dirty. The lighting has caused problems with his eyesight. He is now in a federal facility and things are much better. Unfortunately he has been having seizures for a couple of years now and they weren't treated. He is now on medication and the doctors are hopeful that they are stress related and will stop after a time. He still spends a lot of time in the law library working on his cases as well as helping other prisoners with theirs. His attorney told me that my son was instrumental in the way his trial and subsequent sentencing were handled. The outcome would not have been nearly as good otherwise. Thank you for your concern. By the way his purpose was not for sympathy but he wanted to simply state what happened to him and let people know that there are injustices that happen every day. He is not saying that he has never done anything wrong, only that someone in a position of authority decided to push someone around because he could.

    2. Thank you, Emma, for the reply. And, I do understand that his purpose in this post was informational and not a pity party. It is indeed unfortunate that his health has suffered as a result of his incarceration in the county facility. I do agree that some people will push others around just because they are in a position to do so and unfortunately many news stories attest to this, but not all make the major newscasts. Most likely some of those hat your son is helping have been in a similar situation like himself.

    3. Thank you for understanding. We do not believe that my son is the only person singled out for these things. There are a lot of former prisoners who have experienced these things who have continued to fight the injustices connected to the justice system even after they have served their time.