Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Trees Waving In The Summer Breeze

 We have two big trees in front of our house. By big I mean huge. They stand at either end of the house.

The tree closest to the corner of the streets is much larger than the other. It grows out everywhere. A good strong wind drops pieces of the tree in the yard and occasionally onto the roof. It makes a huge noise and I have even been awakened thinking the tree had fallen onto the house.

It had one gigantic branch that grew out over our street. This spring smaller shoots grew from it and hung over the street. They were low enough to brush cars as they drove on the street.

We decided to call a tree trimmer and have both trees trimmed.

The man came out and my son told him what we wanted done. He quoted a price. It was certainly more than we wanted to pay but it was fair. We told him to do his thing.

He came with two trucks. One had a 'bucket' on a hydraulic lift arm. The other had a big hydraulic claw the laid in the bed. He parked them on the street and left!

When he finally returned he went to work. He trimmed pieces first. He had to be careful because that big branch could possibly fall onto the propane tank of the woman across the street. 

Then he began cutting larger pieces. They gave big thumps when they fell to the ground. He was here and busy all day. Toward the end of the day he used the claw to pick up everything he had cut from the tree. Boy was there a lot.

But he was not finished. When he returned he had an assistant. He climbed back into the bucket and up he went. He cut and cut and cut. His wife/assistant stayed on the ground and cut the branches into smaller parts. 

They worked steadily all day. Again at the end of the day the claw came out. The truck with the claw was so full of branches.

The tree man and his assistant returned the next day. He still had to trim the back side of the tree and trim the second tree.

Back into the bucket he went with his wife doing her job on the ground. All morning long we heard the saw and then the thump of a branch falling to the ground.

At lunch they left and took the truck full of tree pieces with them. When they returned it was back to work.

They finally finished with the big tree. Now it was time to trim the smaller one.

The smaller branches dropped more quickly. I was surprised at how many there were.

Out came the claw again. And once again the truck was full. 

They cleaned up all the fallen pieces. It is really amazing how even the smallest pieces were managed by the claw.

Then they cleaned up the rest with a rake and leaf blower. 

I must say they did a fine job. I had no idea it would take three days. I also had no idea what a big job it actually was.

So I have two nicely groomed trees. It feels right.


  1. A well groomed tree is a joy to see.

  2. Those were very conscientious workers!

  3. thank you for making me part of this dear Emma
    i felt as i was was standing there and witnessing all scenario wow

    the big tree seemed so huge indeed that took almost two days to trim
    i am deeply in love with trees though when it is necessary to trim them i am okay :)
    some trees spread their branches so far away ,such was in our front yard ,one of i's branch seemed to push up the yard wall surprisingly and we had to cut it

    1. I love trees too. Each one has its own character. The big tree was an especially appealing tree. I hope it liked the trim.

  4. Trees, like all living things, need attention to help them thrive and I am sure that the trimming of both these trees will not only benefit their growth, but also your peace of mind during any future stormy days.

  5. Replies
    1. I did visit you. You write some thought inducing posts.

  6. I am happy and impressed with the tree branch pruning so that it will be safer for people passing under it.

    Have a nice week.

  7. Just like humans, trees need our attention, too. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  8. Well, that was exhausting to read, climbing and cutting. What kind of trees?