Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Accident Update

 As you know my son and grandson were in that horrible accident at the beginning of the year. Both are doing well. They are up and still doing therapy for their injuries.

Last week my son and his doctor discovered that a bone in one leg was not as strong as it should be. That means it will not heal properly.

So surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, November 25. They will put a larger and more sturdy plate to replace the one that is there now.

His son is spending Thanksgiving with his mother. His daughter is spending Thanksgiving with my youngest son and his family. So my son would be in the hospital for most of Thanksgiving day before going home that afternoon.

This morning he got a call that his surgery was rescheduled. Now he will go in the day after Thanksgiving. He will still go home Saturday.

Now he will be able to spend Thanksgiving with his brother and his daughter.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Remember to give thanks for all the good things in your life.


  1. Dear Emma, it is good to read that both are recovering - but to have a new operation, though necessary, is a shock. At least he can see his family then later!
    Thanksgiving here is "Erntedank" ("thank you for the crop") and is not so prominent as in America.
    Still it is a fine occasion to give thanks for everything we have and are blessed with. I write a Gratitude Diary (almost) every day - so uplifting for the spirits!

    1. You have the right idea. It's nice to have a special day to remind us to be thankful. We should do it every day of the year.

  2. Hope you had a good day. Glad to hear that your family are on the mend even if slowly. Have a good weekend, Diane

    1. It was a very good day. My son's surgery went well. He will go home tomorrow.

  3. Unfortunate news that your son will need another surgery, but good news that it was delayed so he could spend the holiday with family. These days it’s important to be thankful for so many things, even the unexpected turns.