Tuesday, September 8, 2020

These Times

 I have not been writing much for several reasons. We are living in extremely trying times. I hesitated to write about them. Then I remembered this is for my children and their children. It needs to be recorded along with my feelings about it.

COVID-19 has been devastating all over the world. It is a virus that even experts in the field of virology and infectious diseases aren't sure of the correct ways to handle it. 

As of the latest information available on September, 2020, deaths worldwide are more than 890,000. In the United States 192,000 have died. It is devastating.

I live in a remote little town in Iowa. Right now the county I live in has dropped from the highest percentage of new cases in the state to second. The only businesses in town are a bar and a gas station. Both are closed because employees have contracted the virus.

I am considered high risk because of my age (73). The son I live with is diabetic and extremely high risk. We stay home except to pick up groceries which we have delivered directly to our car and to pick up medications which are also brought to the car.

We do occasionally take a drive through the country to keep the cabin fever away. It helps immensely and we don't come into contact with other people.

The rest of my children are in another state. We are in contact by phone. 

My son who had the car accident is also high risk because his immune system is still compromised. The same is true for his son. They are both fine and still recovering now.

My other son and his wife are both working again. Their state is still having problems with the virus so they take precautions. Both their children are married with children. So far so good. 

My daughter and her husband also have two children. All four are working. My grandchildren will probably take their college courses online.

I hope that the children will all be schooling online. I know that if my children were still of that age they would not be attending a school. Their well-being is too precious to me.

So far we have endured this corona virus for 3/4 of the year. I have hope that next year will be better.


  1. We take this virus very seriously and live our life accordingly. It is more about existing than living, but we live in hope. When I see people ignoring all the safeguards and acting inappropriately, I worry and and am very concerned about how their bad behavior might affect others and especially those I love.

  2. I wish you well during this pandemic. We have been hunkering down at home which has allowed me to catch up with a lot of delayed work.

    My mother is definitely a rolling stone and loves to shop. I have resumed taking her grocery shopping. Although my mother has a keen mind at 90; I get tickled with her buggy when we check out. I have a reverse teenager with me. Lot's of beauty products, maybe ten cans of sauerkraut are there, I love her.

    We wear masks. We are soon to add face shields. We wash our hands with adult baby wipes when we return to the car. It would be good for everyone to stay home. But they all love to get out a bit. Luckily our portion of the state is not as affected.

  3. I have a "bubble" philosophy. If I am careful with my bubble and you with yours, and we trust each other, it is alright to bring the two bubbles together. We must still take precautions, masks and washing. But we can meet and socialize.

    1. Yes we can. I have had lunch with my sister-in-law a few times.

  4. I wish you and your family (and of course all other people) that you say healthy, Emma
    In Germany they took a lot of precautions, but it depends on where you live if they are followed or not. We have to wear a mask when we enter a shop or a restaurant /but as soon as they sit, they take the mask off - hoping, that the 1,5m between the tables will not be crossed by the virus...
    So: I sit outside on a terrace, not inside.

    When we drive by train or aviation (which I do not) we have to wear a mask, also when we take the tram, subway or bus (all three I do take only in utter case of need).

    Outside I wear a mask as soon as I meet clusters of young people (who are, sometimes understandable, very selfish - some long-time guests we have here are really impertinent). Instead of fighting with them I wear my mask. With the other people too.

    And gloves, white - with which I indicate the distance they should keep. I am tall, so mostly that works.

    If it is enough precaution? I do not know.
    I suffer a bit (but can endure it! :-) that since February I have not seen my grandchildren. And know that it will take longer. But I understand my son and DiL.
    Babies are at risk too.

    I do it as Joanne described: I do have few but well-known contacts, I went to the Netherlands in a car and into a house only for us, not mixing with people in high street or when there were too many on the beach.
    I hope that will be enough to protect us all. Hygiene of course, and no cinema or other events.
    I wish you the best! Britta

    1. Thank you for being so thorough in letting us know how another country is trying to deal with this disease. My best to you. I hope it will not be too much longer before you see your grandchildren.

  5. I stay home almost all the time. The local Walmart delivers groceries and some restaurants also deliver. I only come in contact with people when it can't be avoided.
    I can't understand how some people do not wear masks. One lady bragged that she wares a mask to get into a store then takes it off.
    A few stores hand out masks if you show up without one. Now that's a good idea.
    What scares me is the hidden way you can get infected if you are not lucky like: mail and package delivery. Also workmen who come to do repairs that can't wait can take off their masks or contaminate the area in some way.
    I hope this all ends soon!

    1. I live too far from everything to have groceries delivered. For me it is a good way to get out for a few minutes. I do not have contact with anyone while the person puts my groceries in the back of my SUV. If that woman can take the time to put on a mask to enter the store why does she take it off inside? That makes no sense to me.

  6. dear Emma it was nice to know about your life and relations ,thanks to lord that your son and grandson are recovering may lord speed their recovery ,amen!

    our country seems in better position as lockdown has completely lifted by authorities though people are instructed to take precautions
    i am happy that your children in other states are safe and well and rejoining routine of life
    it is great that you take road trip with your son and it helps you to feel better ,i know so well how important outing is once in a while as we humans are made to wander ,explore and be happy and spread joy to all around us :)
    stay well my dear friend ,hugs!

    1. If my country had waited to open things until things were more under control I think we might be better. I know you are feeling more relaxed after your recent trip. Please stay safe is my wish for you and your family.

  7. It was nice to find a new post, Emma, thank you for sharing that you and your family members are keeping safe. It is very hard for us and so many others now to be able to visit family who all live in different states. But, we are trying to keep everyone safe and so we will continue to curtail our travels for the foreseeable future. That said, we continue to do our weekly shopping trips but avoid certain times and weekend shopping. We do wear masks as required and treasure time spent outdoors away from others where we can relax and enjoy nature. Our school-age grandchildren are also continuing with online classes this fall. Glad to read that your son and grandson are recovering from that terrible accident.

    1. I am going to try to post more often. I have fallen into a lazy pattern. I have seen your posts. Won't it be nice to be able to see our families again?