Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Watch The Goose

My blogging friend Susan had a fun and funny story about a goose and a bull at The Contemplative Cat.

She reminded me of the story of the coyote that was killing my grandfather's chickens, ducks, and geese.

Grandpa was losing at least one bird every night. He saw coyote tracks and decided to listen more closely to try to catch the coyote. He kept his clothes and shotgun next to the bed. He was going to shoot the thief.

When he went to bed at night he listened carefully and did not hear anything. Until the night there was a huge ruckus outside. It sounded like all the birds were screaming. He heard squawks, and quacks, and honks. The whole barnyard was awake and making noise.

He jumped out of bed and got dressed. He grabbed his shotgun and ran outside.

By the time he got outside everything was quiet. All the birds seemed to be sleeping again. Because it was the middle of the night Grandpa went back to bed. All was quiet the rest of the night.

When Grandpa got up and went out in the morning he was looking for coyote tracks. He wanted to see which way it went when it left.

When he got to the pen where the ducks and geese lived he found more than he expected.

The coyote was there in the pen. One of the ganders was injured. The coyote was dead.

The gander had beaten the coyote to death.

As Susan so aptly said, "Don't mess with geese."


  1. Geese can be very aggressive as this story proves.

  2. Great story and well done to the goose. Take care Diane

  3. And the comment I left for Susan: I was a toddler when felled by a goose. The other children ran for adults, who saved me. I can sympathize with the coyote - almost.

    1. You were so lucky you were not hurt worse than you were.

  4. I've heard that geese and guineas can be mean as snakes.

  5. this is interesting story dear Emma!

    back in my village our chicken were taken by coyote sometimes

    1. Geese have strong wings. I have heard stories of them injuring people too.