Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Need A Break

It may be after-Thanksgiving-letdown. It may be that I have not taken any time off in a while. I feel a bit lethargic right now.

I have several Christmas posts already written. I will fill in with some older posts so I can take break. I will come back after the new year has begun.

I will still be reading your posts. However I may not leave a comment every time. I hope you understand and will continue to read Leaves On My Tree until I return to my writing.


  1. I understand completely. Take all the time you need. I am glad you have some pre-written posts so that we don't have to miss you as much as we might otherwise. Already looking forward to your return to blogland.

  2. I so understand, I am struggling to keep up with blogging at present. Take care Diane

  3. Well of course we will, Emma. See you around.

  4. I know exactly how you feel, Emma,. I do enjoy blogging as my only form of social media. And as much as I do enjoy reading posts from other bloggers, it gets difficult to keep up with those who blog on a daily basis, which is something I can no longer do. Take time to relax and enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas to you, dear blog friend.

  5. A rest is needed for a longer distance ahead.

    1. I am mostly enjoying my vacation from blogging. I have been wrapping Christmas presents and getting stockings filled.