Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It Is Rearing Its Ugly Head

I told you about the family curse. During the time leading up to Christmas we have problems with our vehicles. I am hoping that our furnace will take the place of our automobile this year.

Unfortunately I am not the only one in my family to consider. My children and grandchildren are subject to the curse too.

My grandson has no car. He had yet another accident. Insurance rates went through the roof. So he has to walk to work and school unless someone else in the family can take him and/or pick him up.

My daughter's car is in the shop. She waiting for warranty approval to replace her transmission. It will be at last two weeks before she has her car back.

My son was driving at work. He was going one direction. The car going the opposite direction managed to hit him in the side. He said the truck he was driving spun three times before it came to a stop. Thank goodness he was not hurt.

The truck was not so lucky. The whole driver's side is damaged. The front wheel assembly was torn completely off the axle. The truck belonged to the company he works for so he still has his own car.

A couple of days latere my granddaughter was driving to meet her aunt. They were going to go to the symphony together.

On her way she was driving on the freeway. Suddenly a car cut in front of her from another lane. And stopped! My granddaughter slammed on her brakes. There was nowhere for her to go and she hit the car that was now in front of her.

When the police came they said they would push her car over to the side of the road so they could interview her and the other driver. She told them that her brake pedal was stuck on the floor and she might not be able to stop. Using her hand brake she managed to help them get her car off the road.

So now she is without a car. She recently quit her job so she could go to school full time. So she will have to raid her savings to help replace the car. Insurance should pay the majority of the costs but there are things like license plates, title transfer, taxes, and of course insurance fees.

So far that is all. I hope for no more.


  1. It almost sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You expect it to happen and so it does. But do car problems hir your family at other times of year as well and you just don’t count them as part of the curse since it is a different time of year?

  2. P.S. - Where exactly in Nebraska are you? We lived in Bellevue for 3 years back in the sixties. I may have told you that already, but I’m old and forget easily.

    1. I was born in Omaha. My uncle was retired by the 60's but he used to be your Fire Chief. I have lived all over the eastern side of the state mostly northeast.

  3. When it rains, it pours. Sorry to hear all this.

  4. I feel it is unfair how steep insurance premiums for young men. I think they take advantage of them and their parents.

    Oh my, I think you may need to go to a hoodoo doctor and get the curse lifted. I bet you wished that could happen. But if it is not true neither is the curse. I hope you and yours have some better luck and a wonderful Christmas.

    My curse is like something happens anytime I have extra money.

  5. These things are only supposed to come in threes, not multiple of threes!!! Take care Diane

    1. What can I say? My family is unconventional. It is only fitting that we have an unconventional curse.

  6. sounds weird but you call it curse though i will say it coincidence emma!

    sorry for your granddaughter 's mishap but this is good that her savings made her get a car again