Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Screaming Dog

My son's dog needed to go to the vet today. She needed a rabies shot which she has not had since he got her. She also was in desperate need of a pedicure.

The boys made an appointment to take her in. They went together. She was so happy to go for a ride with them.

She is not a huge dog but she is between a medium size and large. Her markings make her look a bit like a bull dog but she has no bull dog ancestry.

She got to the vet's office and trotted right in. She felt so important going along with her two favorite people.

Because of her size a couple of people held tight to their pets as she strutted by. The boys chuckled to themselves.

Because she had an appointment the vet called her right in. The boys were ready to hold her down. The vet put a muzzle on her as a precaution.

First came the vaccination. She did not like it at all. But it was over quickly and she was ready to leave.

When the vet began to clip her nails she was not happy at all. My oldest son was holding her head tight. My second son had a tight grip on the other end.

Apparently something hurt because she began to scream. Not growl. Scream.

Somehow she popped the muzzle right off. No paws... just opened her mouth and popped it off. The vet looked up in shock but saw that the boys had a tight grip so he kept on clipping.

She was screaming so loud that one of the women waiting with her pet came back to see what they were doing to that poor animal.

The dog was so happy to leave that terrible place.

When they came home she wanted nothing to do with getting out of the truck. She was taking no chances.

Finally they got her in the house. After drowning her sorrows with a long drink of water she laid down and went to sleep. She steered clear of the boys for a while. You should know that she tends to hold a grudge.

That was all a few hours ago. She has calmed down. She has sort of forgiven the boys for inflicting all that indignity upon her. But I see her giving them sidelong looks every once in a while. I laughed and told them they need to be careful when they go to sleep.


  1. My dogs don't like the vet and let everyone the county know it.

  2. Hopefully, she will not have to return for quite awhile for the nail clipping.

    1. Hopefully. She was having problems because of her nails so she really needed it.

  3. Do you think the boys will wake up with a horse's head at the end of their beds? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. Replies
    1. It is hard for a dog that was abused in the past. That is one of the reasons she is so strange at times. I do not think she remembers the abuse but she does not trust readily

  5. They need to sleep with one eye open tonight. Lol.

    1. She sleeps in my son's room. She had calmed down by the time they went to bed.

  6. Poor dog. I'm sure she knows she was roundly abused.

    1. Yes she does. But now she is back outside trying to terrify the man across the street. She thinks she is ferocious.