Friday, February 24, 2017


I love music... any kind of music. My children like music but they do not know how to enjoy it. At a concert they just sit and listen. Most of my nieces and nephews are the same as my children. No fun.

My youngest sister had a second son. From the beginning I could tell he would enjoy the music. He could not even sit up by himself but he could bop around in time to the music.

As he got older he spent a lot of time listening to music. He was not even in school yet when he began playing air guitar. Jimi Hendrix had nothing on my nephew.

He would play his air guitar down low, up high, and even behind his head. He danced all around the room as he did so.

Everybody would just leave the room when he got started. Everybody except me. We had some great jam sessions.

My nephew would hand me a couple of pencils so I could play air drums. We would turn the music up and have a time.

He liked Tie Your Mother Down, I Got My Mind Set On You, and Old Time Rock and Roll. We sang along using our marvelous singing voices. It was such fun.

Now he is grown with two little girls. I certainly hope he still plays air guitar with them.


  1. I hope he teaches his little girls how to play.

    1. Music bridges the gap between all people. Playing with music is the best.

  2. I would love to join.
    I like music, though I cannot play any musical instruments.
    I do not have a good voice too.
    But I still love music.

    1. That is the nice thing about air instruments. You need no talent only love of music. And we all sing so loud that you will not be heard. You are invited to join us any time.

  3. Tie Your Mother Down is one of the better Killer Opening Songs Queen ever brought out. I would say that it easily rivals We Will Rock You and One Vision. To me, as a longtime Queen fan, it's always nice to hear of young people "re-discovering" the classics. :-) Rock on, boy! :-)

    Greetings from London.