Friday, November 11, 2016

Running Hot And Cold

I have moved from one house to another, one town to another so many times in my life.  I hate moving.

First you have to pack up all your belongings. Wrap the breakables. Find good sturdy boxes. Try not to fill the boxes so full that they were too heavy. An over-filled box is likely to lose its bottom and strew contents everywhere.

You begin labeling all the boxes so you will know where to put them when you get to your new home. After several thousand boxes (yes I exaggerate a bit) you stop labeling because it takes too much time.

Some pieces of furniture need to be dismantled. Beds for instance. You must make certain that mattresses stay with the bed frames they are meant to stay with.

Washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators need to be emptied if necessary. Breakable parts will be removed so they do not jiggle around and break in transit. Any foods that have to be frozen or refrigerated have to be stored so they will not spoil. You of course try to keep those foods at a minimum.

Finally everything is packed and ready to go... you hope.

Then you must load them into whatever vehicle you have chosen to carry your belongings to the new destination. Large heavy items in first. Keep it orderly.

Then larger boxes are fitted in. Be careful with the ones that hold breakable items. Nothing heavy on top of them. Soon smaller packages are being loaded wherever they will fit.

You make a last tour of the empty house. Did you empty the medicine cabinet? Is all the silverware out of the drawer? All the closets completely empty? What about that high shelf in the basement? Is all the trash disposed of?

Look at the check list. Did you discontinue the paper delivery? File a change of address for your mail?

Finally you are ready to roll. The truck heads out for the new house. The rest of the family climbs in the car and follows.

Let us say that this move is a fairly short one. You reach the new house fairly quickly. Now the reverse begins. You unload the truck.

Everyone is too tired but it has to be done.

Almost half of the boxes were not marked so you decide to stack those into an out-of-the-way room. The rest are carried to the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever the markings say they should be.

Furniture is unloaded. At least you know which rooms the furniture belongs.

Beds are re-assembled. Once the mattresses are on the beds it is a good idea to add sheets, blankets, and pillows. Otherwise you will be too tired to do it later.

Large appliances come last. They are put into the rooms they belong. You try to hook up washers and dryers right away simply because you do not want to do it tomorrow.

The kitchen stove needs to be attached to its power source. You probably will order pizza tonight just because it will be easier but the stove will be ready for business the next day.

The refrigerator is easy to install... put it in place and plug it in.

I have heard that you should allow any appliance that contains a cooling agent to settle for 24 hours before plugging it in. I never had any problem with that though.

Until one move when my children were small.

I immediately plugged in the refrigerator when it was carried into the kitchen. I had not brought any perishables so I would have to run to the store first thing the next day. Which I did.

I filled the refrigerator with meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and all the other goodies we normally keep in the fridge. We were all set.

Late that afternoon I was ready to cook supper. When I opened the door of the refrigerator to take out the meat I was hit with a wave of warm air.

All the meat was partially cooked! I cracked an egg... also partially cooked. The vegetables were all wilted from the heat. I had to dispose of all that food.

Apparently because I knew better than experts I had plugged the appliance in too soon and somehow reversed the way it operated.

We unplugged it and waited 2 days before plugging it back in. It worked normally for two more years when we moved again. We decided not to take it with us. It was an older appliance and we thought it best not to take any chances.


  1. Wow! I'd never heard of these problems with the fridge before. I've moved just few times in my life and never paid attention to that, and never had any problems - thanks God!
    But I love moving. I love all this mess you've mentioned, I love waking up in a new house, finding new spots for the furniture (by the way, I'm always shifting the furniture around the house, I love doing it).
    I think I'll move just one more time, because when we get too old for this two-story house in the suburbs, We'll move to a flat downtown.
    I love reading your texts. They are always so pleasant!

    1. If I ever move again you are going to be the first person I call. I have probably lived in at least 50 different houses and close to 15 different towns in my 69 years.

  2. You are a pro at moving, Emma. I've never moved a fridge and would not have known about this procedure. Thank you for the information!

    1. You are welcome. The thing is I still do not know if it is fact. I only have that one time to go by.

  3. Thankfully we have never experienced a refrigerator problem like yours, Emma. But, we have moved ourselves from NJ to VA and then VA to NH and know all about packing, labeling, loading and unloading. If we mive again, we plan to have movers do the heavy work and use their own truck.

  4. Forgot to add that we never moved any appliances, thankfully.

    1. Even with no appliances you had a gargantuan move. Then you and your brother had to make arrangements for your mother's things. You know more than a little about moving.

  5. We always feel very excited when moving into a new house.
    And this excitement just override most of the other negatives.

    1. New can be exciting but it gets old when you have done it as many times as I have.

  6. I'm lucky. In my entire life I've moved only twice! I've been in my present house for over twenty years. My brother has moved many times; Brooklyn, Levittown, Buffalo, Delaware, and now New Jersey. He told me to never move.

    1. That can happen with fridges. I have delivered fridges to people in the past and have always said they should let the gases in the fridge settle for a while before switching it on.

    2. Thank you for verifying. I hear things and they stick in my brain whether I use them or not. It is good to know that this one is a keeper.

  7. hahaha though it's been almost ten years that we have moved in our new bigger house but your post reminded all terrifying process .
    assembling furniture is most difficult part though.
    best wishes for your new home dear .

    1. I have found that laughing at situations is always better than complaining. Being a basically happy person it is easy for me to find humor in most things.