Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I See... A Wealthy Man

I believe we each make our own way in the world. Occasionally someone will happen along to either ease your load or add to it but ultimately it is up to you.

Okay. All of the disclaimers are out of the way. I do not put much store in pychic readings but it is fun to see what these people have to say. And they are always finding a man for me. Whether I want one of my own or not.

There are all sorts of methods used to tell me about myself. I will mention a few. I have direct experience with these.

Analyzing handwriting is interesting. Law enforcement actually has people who can tell some things about a person by examining handwriting. But I do not think they can foretell the future that way.

A friend and I were at an outdoor event and noticed a booth advertising handwriting analysis. Of course we went right over. We wrote on the paper provided. It was fed into a computer that gave a reading on paper.

Although the results were rather generic they did seem to find some differences between us. At least the readings were not the same.

You can find palm readers all over the place. I have had this done many times. One woman told me I would have another son (I knew I would have no more children) who would be a musical prodigy. She also saw me meeting a man within two years and we would be very happy together.

Another palm reader predicted that health problems I had when I was young would go away as I aged. She also predicted that I would meet a man. He would not be rich but he would be comfortable as far as money. And of course he would be so good looking.

My sister-in-law had a friend who was in training to read palms. We were happy to be guinea pigs. She told me I would make a major change in careers around the age of 65. I retired at 62. I wonder if that counts.

She also used some little lines on the side of my hand to tell me how many children I would have. She may have been right. I do not remember. She also told me I would have two husbands before my life was over. She missed on that one.

I once had an aura photograph and recorded analysis done. Youy stand in front of a white screen and they snap a picture. When the picture appears there are the colors of your aura all around you. Different colors indicate trouble spots with your health and places where you are healthy.

Tarot cards are popular too. When someone read mine I was told that I would marry a slightly older handsome man with money.

My husband used to take a thread and attach a needle. Then he would stick the needle into the cork of a bottle cap. (Remember when bottle caps had cork?) Anyway he would suspend the thread over the abdomen of a pregnant woman.

The string would move. If it went in a circle it meant the baby would be a boy. If it moved in a straight line it would be a girl. He was actually pretty accurate. Except when he tried to do it for me. It always went to the opposite sex first and then the correct one. Odd.

"They" say dreams are prophetic. I have fascinating dreams but most mean little.

I did have one dream that was interesting. It was about a handgun. I found it and all through the dream I kept trying to get rid of it. At the end of my dream I was thankful that I finally disposed of it once and for all. Then my little daughter came walking toward me wearing it as a zipper pull on her jacket. I woke up.

At that time I was working at the junk yard. There was a numbers runner who stopped in every day. I seldom played the numbers myself. They used the same numbers drawn by the state for their lottery. But you could spend as little as 5 cents and get a good return if you were a winner.

So on Monday when the runner came in I asked him what the number for a handgun was. He told me and I played it for a dime. I did not win that day. Or the next, or the next, or the next. On Friday when he came in I was going to play one more time but I reached for my money and discovered I had left everything at home.

Would you believe that not one person had an extra dime to loan me? So I did not play the number for a gun on Friday.

Guess what number came in on Friday. You will never guess. Of course you did. It was the number for the handgun. I am not a lucky person.

When my mother and I took a driving trip through New England she really wanted to stop in Salem, Massachusetts. There is a lot of beautiful scenery there. It is also where the Salem witch trials happened.

What Mom really wanted to do was to visit Laurie Cabot the Official Witch Of Salem. Mom had seen her on talk shows and thought it would be great fun. Laurie Cabot does readings in the first witch shop in the United States.

So we walked into the shop which has an area for purchasing various items they sell. When someone approached us Mom told her that she wanted to have a reading.

Unfortunately Laurie Cabot was not in Salem at the time. None of the other witches there had any time between appointments to take walk-ins. She kindly referred us to a similar shop around the corner.

We walked to that shop and they told us we could browse as the woman waited for the witch on duty. He was giving a reading by phone at the moment.

Mom went in first. I do not know many details because they were private. She chose to share with me that he said she would live a long life... 102 was not out of the question. He also said that she would have a serious health scare in about 10 years involving her heart or lungs.

Mom was being watched over and she could be comforted by that. She would not remarry.

Before we left the shop he gave her a stone that she was to keep in a silk scarf. Whenever she felt in distress she was to take the stone and hold it to her chest. She used it several times and seemed to work. One day she took it out and it shattered in her hands.

Much of what he said was valid. Unfortunately Mom did not live to be 102. She was 67 years old when she died.

When I went in to see the witch he said that I gave off a different energy than Mom. She was like a calm smooth flowing stream and very comforting. He saw little lightning bolts of energy shooting out every which way from me. I was a chaotic person and not relaxing at all.

He told me he did not see me with a man any time in the future and apologized. Nothing to apologize for I assured him. He did think I would be more content that way.

Then he went on to describe my children to me. He was dead on about each one. He described their looks and personalities. I was astounded.

The best one was when he told me he saw a young blonde girl who looked like a fairy. I had never thought of her that way before. My daughter looks like most of the depictions of fairies that I have seen.

The witch told me that I had the ability to call people to me. I found that to be very intriguing.

All my life I had found that if someone I had not seen in a long time would pop into my thoughts They would appear within three days.

The witch told me that with practice I could develop the ability. I chose not to do anything like that. But it still happens occasionally.

If I were to believe in that stuff the witch came the closest to telling me "mystic" information. He was not completely right about things either.

I look at it this way. Some people drink, some people gamble, and some people go to concerts. They are all what those people do for recreation.

If I have an extra amount of money to waste and I see a reader I might very well choose to waste it there. I do not take advice from them or spend more money on them. It is all for fun.


  1. I need to give this a try. I had a reader work with horoscope and tarot.Used to get a yearly, but none of it was specific it seemed, what you saw similar from the ideas.

    1. As I said you have to take it with a grain of salt. Even people who claim to know what the future will bring also say that what they "see" is a possibility. Our fates belong to us.

  2. This is something that I've never done. The women in my father's family all have had varying degrees of second sight - all a little 'fey'. I seem to be the one that got it in this generation, and I always remember my mother telling me that I must be very careful and never 'go looking' for this gift to produce predictions for people. I think it was very good advice and I have always followed it. What it has done for me, though, is be helpful in my work and I believe it has kept me safe to a certain extent.

    1. I believe you have chosen a smart path for yourself.

  3. I don't go there, and what has come to me was tragic. It's not to be played with.

    1. I agree with you to a large extent. It is dangerous to put faith into something that someone else "sees" for you.

  4. Never in my life I had my hand read - though a young Roma offered it three years ago ("You have such a wonderful aura!") - but I declined, aura or not - I am not free from superstition (a little bit) and fear self-fulfilling prophesies. Same with Tarot - won't touch those cards because I do not like the symbols. My mother had a sort of second sight and I never envied her for that.
    But I once had a handwriting analysis (by chance) - and liked that very much. I don't read horoscopes - but love in time of decisions to use the I Ching.

    1. I forgot to mention that I have had my horoscope charted a couple of times. The birth chart is supposed to show basic character traits and to see what will happen in the future you need to see where the stars are on a particular date. Comparing the two is supposed to give a reading. It is too technical sounding. But it is fun.

  5. Replies
    1. I am open to almost anything as long as it is safe and legal.

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  7. I've never done any of those things though I have read my horoscope a few times.
    My thoughts were: If something bad is going to happen to me I want it to be a surprise:)

    1. Trust me it will be a surprise. As i said this is all in fun. Besides they never want to tell you anything bad. They make their money by promising you a rosy future.

  8. Coincidentally, we just visited Salem, MA, this past weekend and we did not go to any witch readings. Of course, there are many touristy destinations, like the Witch Hiuse and Witch Dungeon. Instead, we took an hour-long narrated trolley tour and then walked around the city. Sometimes, I have felt that people I have thought about will suddenly call or I will call and have them tell me they were recentky thinking of getting in touch. While I sometimes think it's a form of ESP, it's not something I have ever thought about in depth.

    1. That is interesting because I remember one time reaching for the phone to call you. It rang instead and there you were! Salem is a lovely little New England town with so many historic sites to see. I remember being amazed that the House of the Seven Gables was right at the edge of the ocean.