Friday, November 13, 2015

It Isn't Any Trouble Just To S.M.I.L.E.

I have had many, many jobs. Some I liked, some I endured, and a couple I hated. I worked hard and tried to give my best at each.

I liked the jobs in which I did paperwork. I actually find it exciting.

Being a cashier was interesting. I interacted with a variety of people. Some were caricatures of real people.

I liked working in the cash office. I was able to play with money. I had to use my brain to find out why if a drawer did not balance.

When I was a waitress in the tea room of a department store I was not happy. Most of the customers felt entitled to having what they wanted immediately. Some were quite rude and/or condescending. Then they left no tip.

I had a job in the fast food industry. I have nothing good to say about it. I do, however, admire the people who can perform those duties and still smile.

At the junk yard I was in charge. I enjoy knowing that things are being done the way I wish them to be done. I can tear down a car faster than a lot of men.

I was the assistant manager at the body shop of a new car dealership. Most of what I did was paperwork but I also dealt with customers. I liked that one too.

As a telemarketer I was one of those annoying people who call and bother you at the most inconvenient of times to try to sell you something you do not need or want. I had a lot of fun with the other people in the office.

I managed the band. I loved those guys and their music. We were all friends and our families would have outings together.

It soon was apparent that they could do the managing themselves. Because I was there with little to do the owner of the bar would occasionally ask if I would mind helping out if the place got overly busy. I was happy to help.

Soon I was included in the schedule to either waitress or tend bar. I made good tips.

Two brothers owned the bar. The one who hired me thought I could do no wrong. When he took an extended vacation the other brother took over. He was not as enamored with me. I moved on.

Then I went in to see the band one night and he asked me when I was coming back to work. I asked him if he really needed me. He said yes so I agreed to return.

It was a good place to work. None of the women had to put up with unruly or rude customers. Most of us had our regular customers who appreciated us and left good tips. It was good money.

It happened suddenly. I was not only not the favorite, I felt that I was disrespected by the owner. I felt the cold shoulder from him and he decided to give me the worst section to wait on. I was so unhappy.

One night as I was entering the building I decided to paste this huge dumb smile on my face to show him that he was no longer affecting me. I was tired of having a stomach ache simply because I was going to work.

I kept that smile on my face until I realized that I was actually having a good time. For several weeks I pasted that goofy smile on my face as I entered the building. Soon I had no stomach ache and I was happy to meet the evening.

I learned a valuable lesson. Even though others behave in a certain way the way I feel is up to me. All I need to do is smile. I feel good in no time. If others are happy, fine. If not, it is up to them to alter what needs to happen to make them happy.


  1. A smile disarms people. I try to do that too, but I'm not always successful.

    1. I am naturally a happy person. I learned a valuable lesson from that experience. A smile makes me feel good and it makes those around me feel good.

  2. My mother's maxim: kill them with kindness.

    1. Your mother had the right idea. My son actually told me to act like every odious task I was given was just what I wanted to do. It drove them crazy.

  3. How do you feel when a smile hit by a very sour face?
    The smile sinks.

    1. My smile has so much more power than a sour face. It may falter for a moment but the smile is stronger.

  4. Well said. I try to always smile and now I don't even realize when I am:)

    1. That is the beauty of it. And is it not wonderful when you are smiling without realizing and someone smiles back? It makes your smile grow.

  5. Replies
    1. And that smile is no trouble. I am smiling because you are smiling. It may begin a movement.

  6. Reading this post, Emma, made me think of the adage about letting a smile be your in many situations.