Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Did You See That?

Often when I am sitting quietly either on the computer or watching television and out of the corner of my eye a little shadow rushes from one place to another. Instantly I think it is a mouse.

Now occasionally a mouse finds its way into the house but I am fortunate that I do not have mice most of the time. What I actually saw was just a little trick of my eyes.

What can be a little more disturbing is to see a larger shadow and look up expecting to see a person standing next to me. It can be startling to think there is someone there when I am alone. What has happened is perhaps the sunlight being blocked by something or a car's headlights shining through the curtains for a brief moment.

We often "see" things that are not really there or things that are not what we originally perceive them to be.

I live in an area where we are blessed with a lot of wildlife. Snakes, ground squirrels, turkeys, raccoons, and deer can be seen at any time. Even the dogs and cats run loose and can be a problem for drivers.

A driver must keep a wary eye for any of these animals (and many others that decide to run across the road) to keep from hitting them with the car. And as I know from personal experience they might just decide to hit the side of the car too.

I watch carefully for deer. They are the biggest hazard here. They do not stop and look both ways before crossing a road. They just leap up from nowhere and bound out across the highway.

Off in the distance I might see an animal. I slow just a bit to prepare in case I need to stop. Is it a dog or a deer? I watch carefully. Soon I am close enough to make out just what it is. It is a mailbox! I guess the good news is that I did not hit it no matter what it is.

Or I will be driving along the highway when suddenly I pass a man standing beside the road. I wonder if he needs assistance. I look in the mirror to discover that he is actually a sign or a small tree beside the road.

Sometimes I wonder if I am losing my mind or if I am simply goofy. What sane person would see all these things? And in broad daylight too.

Yesterday I had to drive into town to pick up a few things. My son went with me since he had a few things he wanted to get too.

On the way home as I rounded a curve I looked up and was shocked to see two white elephants standing at the side of the road beyond the next curve.

As I drove closer I began to laugh and told my son that I had seen two white elephants. Of course he thought I was nuts.

What I was looking at were two cement mixing trucks parked by the side of the road. There is a new house going up there and they were waiting their turn to spill their loads.

I asked my son to please put me into a nice home.


  1. I do have that "ghost" business happen, too, while recognition catches up with perception.

  2. Two white elephants! Oh that is funny! At least they trucks looked like white elephants to you and not pink polka dot ones!!!

    1. It was a funny thing. Why I thought of elephants I cannot tell you because of course there are no elephants running around loose.

  3. Emma, I've had similar peripheral vision glitches over the past few years and reported them to my eye doctor. No elephants yet, but he says it's probably pigment dispersion syndrome --iris granules sloughing off into the eyeball's aqueous humor. If it gets too bad, he'll send me to a specialist to clear the eye's natural drainage system by laser. Upshot is, best get it checked --it's treatable.

    1. I never thought of that. It does not happen all the time but you have given me food for thought.

  4. Thanks Emma for letting me know that the imaginary things I also see from time to time are not uncommon. And like Geo above commented, I also have had some vision "glitches" from time to time which an eye doctor recently diagnosed as "floaters" but nothing to be over-concerned about right now. And, I also laughed when reading the white elephant/cement mixer story.

    1. I may never live down the elephants. I laughed so hard when I realized how strange my thoughts were.