Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I love looking at photographs. I do not even have to know the people in them to enjoy them.

When we had the junkyard we would sometimes get cars that had pictures in them. I would look at every one. It is fun to see the expressions on the faces and try to place the times when they were taken. Each time period has its own fashions you know. Of course we held them until someone claimed them.

I am not much of a picture taker. But I like getting them as gifts from the kids. They are records of events in their lives and always evoke memories that make me smile.

My mother decided at one time that she wanted a large professional photograph of each member of the family. She would place them on a wall in the living room that she determined was just the right size to hold nothing but pictures. Then she set about making appointments for each of us to have the portraits taken.

After a few months her wall was covered with all these beautiful pictures. Mom and Daddy were the first ones on the wall and one by one the rest went up.

My younger brother had died in Viet Nam. Mom had his service picture on another wall and wanted a civilian picture of him for the family wall. I suggested a favorite school picture. Mom loved that picture from the day she got it. She said it brought out the deviltry in his eyes. It is a happy little boy with a big smile on his face and a sparkle of life in his eyes.

Mom had it enlarged and framed it. It went on the wall with the rest of us.

All the grandchildren who were around by then were up there too. My niece was not yet a year old when her parents had really cute picture taken. Her hair was white not blonde but white. Her eyes were pale blue. The picture looked like her pretty little face was ready to pop right out of the picture. It went on the wall.

When a person walked into the house the wall of pictures was the first thing they saw. It was covered from about three feet abouve the floor to the ceiling. It was gorgeous.

After Daddy died Mom moved. She packed all the pictures into a trunk because she was going to stay with my sister for a short while. The trunk was in my sister's basement when it flooded. Most of the pictures were ruined. We had duplicates of my brother's pictures because everyone in the family wanted one. He is on the wall of many of our homes.

We also had duplicates of Daddy's pictures. He hangs in a prominent place in every single home even the grandchildren. He was a special person and looked upon with reverence by all of us.

Mom's picture was ruined. It was not a good picture of her. She seldom took a good picture. In fact she seldom allowed pictures to be taken. I have no real pictures of my mother. The only one that has remained is from when I was a baby. She was dressed in the stylish suit women wore in the late 1940's reaching out with one hand to me as I sat on the porch steps.

There is also her high school graduation picture. Once my sister, my brother, and I were going through Mom's pictures. Mom had died and we were trying to decide what to do with things. My brother picked up a picture and said with a leer in his voice, "Who is this?"

I said, "That's your mother, you pervert!" She was a beautiful woman but we have no pictures of her.

My own picture was also ruined, thank goodness. I inherited my mother's lack of a photogenic face. Not a good thing. This particular picture made me look like I was in the final second of my life or in the first second after I died. And it was the best of all the poses the photographer took!

Now you know why my photo for the blog is one of my baby pictures.


  1. Aww I'm sure you do look as lovely as in your baby picture. Photographs right? Well, my husband and I are notorious picture taker, we keep a picture of almost everything we've seen, liked or otherwise. Anything that catches our attention deserves a place in our hard drive. These are stories that will tell history. We do both enjoy watching photographs of people whim we don't even know. Yes, they have interesting fashion in different times. We like looking at details in each picture.

    It's a pity that those pictures were destroyed in the flood. My family list a lot of our chilhood pictures too, mostly in typhoon.

    1. We have lost so many pictures to floods and house fires. One picture I would really like to find is a picture of my father's father. To my knowledge I have never seen one. He died before I was born so I have no idea what he looked like.

  2. I like looking at photographs too, photos seem to bring in happy mood

    1. The memories they evoke make me smile too. I see me and my aunts and uncles when we were small or me with my brothers and sisters when we were small and the good feelings flow.

  3. Hey, why don't you post some of your pics here. :)

    1. I do not post pictures for the same reason I do not use my real name. Privacy. I do not have the permission of any of my family members to use their names and I would never abuse their trust in me. I am sorry but it has to be that way. I do appreciate you being interested however. Thank you.

  4. It is sad that the trunk with your mother's treasured photos was flood damaged and the photos as well. I have many photo albums, but the sad part is that they are not looked at by many. Years ago that was not the case as before computers, smart photos, digital cameras, etc. people would take many studio photos and also many informal ones and mount them in albums which would be looked at over and over. Luckily, I inherited some old B&W photos of my parents and other family members and have already started another album if only to look through it myself.

    1. That is a good idea. Most of the pictures I have now are saved on my computer. I gave my personal pictures to my children a long time ago.

  5. Hello Emma, greetings and good wishes.

    Photos are precious especially the old ones, They are a treasure, They brink back memories of our past life. We can sit and look at these photos one by one and relive the good and bad times gone by, Those days will never come except in our thoughts and memories.

    You mother had a wonderful idea in placing all the photos on the wall but I don't understand why she packed them in a trunk when she went away. If she didn't do it, the photos would not have been lost.

    I am sad to read about your younger brother's sad demise. He is a hero. He must have left a big vacuum in your life and your family,

    You look very pretty when you were young. So I don't believe you were not photogenic. Unfortunately you don't have a good photo of yourself when you were older.

    I enjoyed reading this post about photos and memories.

    Best wishes

    1. What a flattering comment. Thank you. The reason the pictures were in a trunk was because Mom was in between moves. She did not intend to stay with my sister long. It was just one of those unfortunate circumstances.