Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Evolution Of Life At The Bar

When the band I managed moved to a new bar to work it was a real change. The bar was huge with a nice dance floor that was slightly sectioned away from the tables.  Everything was clean and the customers were not as ready to cause problems as before. It was almost like a nightclub.

There were two brothers who owned the business. One was always present and the other seldom seen but his wife was always there. They were young like we were.

The older of the brothers was the one who ran the bar. He was a single man who really wanted to marry but had terrible luck with women. It seemed as if each woman was only interested in his money. He was a super nice person and deserved better.

He became a drug user and died at a young age. It was never stated as such but I believe it was AIDS probably from a shared needle.

When his health began to deteriorate the other brother took over. I was never as close to him as the first brother but I really liked his wife a lot.

She was in charge of the waitresses. She was very pretty and friendly. Everyone liked her. They had two little girls who were also very pretty.

She came to me one evening and asked if she could talk to me. I went to a more private spot with her. She was worried that her husband was having an affair. I was shocked. In the first place he was not a desirable person to me. He was nice enough to look at but his personality was rather surly. I was  not sure what to say but it turned out that she just needed someone to talk to.

As time went on she discovered that it was true that he was seeing someone else. Imagine my horror to find out that it was a good friend of mine who was working as a waitress there also.

The wife filed for divorce. She continued to work there which pleased almost everyone. The two women even developed a sort of relationship that was not unfriendly.

After quite some time the wife began to date a customer. He was very nice and very devoted to her. Several months later they married. It is a good marriage and they are happy. By this time she had left the bar to become a full time mother and homemaker.

The owner and my friend also married. She became the person in charge of the floor. She was surprisingly capable. Their marriage is a bit more turbulent but by and large they are happy.

The major problem is that he would like another child and she does not want children. She feels that the two daughters he has are enough.

She was an adopted child and she was raised with an adopted brother. They had a happy life and she loved her parents.

She did not ever try to find her biological parents. She told me that she had no need. I asked if she was worried that her parents would be hurt if she did.

She told me that they actually helped her brother find his mother. So she just had no interest in those who had given birth to her. And she did not want children.

I was no longer working at the bar. The band had undergone so many changes. They finally left the bar and shortly thereafter the band was no more.

My friend and her husband who owned the bar sold it. They have moved on to better things. I guess we all did. I miss the big happy family that we were at one time.

There were many personalities there. We truly cared about each other.

The death of the one brother was a big blow. We all loved and respected him. The divorce and remarriages were important events to all of us. We all came through the best we could. Not all parties are friends but they are friendly. It is as much as can be expected sometimes.

But, oh my, what a time we had. It was good.


  1. Time moves us through so many interactions, some good, some not, some both. I love the way you recount this one.

    1. I cannot say that I was fond of everyone at the bar but there are so many that I truly loved. Employees and customers as well as my beloved band. I try to stay in touch with as many as possible.

  2. Funny when it seems nothing has changed but when you look back, nothing's the same. How time flies. Changes happen sometimes without us recognizing it until it's staring us straight in the face. We move on, that's life. Not everyone's had a great life as you do. I'm sure there were ups and downs but as you said so yourself, you had a good time. Good for you. Have a great life ahead!

    1. Thank you for your wishes. I wish the same for you. I am the first one to say I have had a happy life. There were hardships at times but I have always been loved by the people I love. Nothing else really matters in the end.

  3. Dear Emma,
    that is an interesting and moving tale. And it really shows how things one think are bad (cheating and divorce) might turn into something better than everybody thought. As for the law of attraction: one often wonders why somebody falls in love with someone we think not that great. They might see (or imagine) something we do not see.
    Life still is great for you, isn't it?

    1. The cheating and divorce were painful for all of us including the parties involved. You are right however. It seems they all were in better places when the smoke cleared. My life is still great. Thank you for asking. Everything evolves. When one keeps moving forward good things are all around.