Friday, August 15, 2014

Another Visit From My son

My son has come to tell us a few more stories about life in prison. While he has been there he has met some famous and infamous people. I am not sure whether that is good or bad but it is interesting. These are his stories in his words.

I was in a county jail and I needed to get a paper notarized so I could get an appeal lawyer. I asked the social worker to do it ( they are notaries). She said she couldn't because she couldn't verify what I was saying on the paper was true. 

I looked at her and asked how long she has been a notary? She said for years. I said then you should know that your job as a notary doesn't require you to verify anything, you are just witnessing that I am the one signing the papers. She looked at me with a guilty look on her face and said, "you're right," and notarized my papers. 

I knew what she was supposed to do because when I was a little kid, my mom was a notary and I listened to her even though she didn't think I did! Haha. That saved me a lot of hassle a few years later when they finally (found) my notarized papers. 

Another good story is when I helped the leader of a motorcycle club beat a few gun charges in the fed court. I met him in county jail and we talked because we were both from the same city, and both on Fed cases. He just came in and was real worried like we all were about our cases. I showed him a few cases that showed that some of his charges were illegal and had to be dropped. 

After that, he left for federal prison. I went to federal prison about 2 weeks later and when I got there he ran up and helped me carry all my legal stuff. A few other guys on my case were there and were shocked and laughed because here I come with this big black guy that is in a group that hates white people carrying my stuff. They said, you "shore" do know how to make an entrance, haha.   

This is one when I was in county again. I got called out of my cell for a visit and I was on the way to the visiting cells when I heard the guards talking about this crazy Arab guy that has been attacking everyone. As they were talking, other guards came around the corner with a guy that looked like he was in the taliban. He was chained up and going to the hole. 

When he saw me, he yelled at the top of his lungs "SPRINGFIELD" and broke free from the guards and ran straight for me. The guards started chasing him but they were too slow. He came up and gave me a hug and we laughed. The guards were in shock. He was really crazy and loved to fight everyone he saw but they didn't know I met him in county a while back and we got along real good. 

The guards asked me after that if I knew him and explained how he got moved from 5 different places in the jail since 2 weeks ago for fighting with everyone and I was the first person they ever saw him get along with. I laughed and said, "you got to be a little crazy to get along with a crazy guy",haha. 

Another time in county, I helped a guy with his sentencing hearing with the info I learned from reading a Dr. Phil book. It worked real good, and it was good practice for when I go to my sentencing. Anyway he was on a very bad crime and it didn't look good at all for him. 

He was there for home invasion and armed robbery because he broke into a house full of people and robbed them at gun point. We started to make out a sentencing speech, talking about how he grew up living in abandoned cars because he had no family and doing whatever he had to to survive. He was 18 and they called him Animal. We didn't mention anything about the crime in the speech, only his rough life and good things he did. 

When he went to his sentencing and came back, he was happy as could be. He said the judge actually cried when she heard how bad his life was growing up and gave him 18 years for the crime. I know you're shocked about the time, but the judge said before he did his speech, she was going to give him 35 or 40 years on his minimum at least. She said she felt bad for him but had to give him that much time for the victims sake. 

I tried to help another guy the same way but he lied about what he was in jail for and tried to lie to the judge too, he was a child molester and they slammed him, just like he deserved.

When I was going to court one day, the marshal that took me there said,"How is it that you know everyone we run into?" I laughed and said, "I've been here forever." He said, "You are the only guy I know that's on good terms with everyone in the whole place." 

That's because everyone we ran into, I helped with their case. I helped a lot of people and I'll tell you about some of them later. But that's what built up to the judge calling me a nice guy at my sentencing. I was real good at helping people with their cases and I got a few guys sentences lowered and one group of guys, I helped them beat their whole indictment, even their lawyer finally had to admit I was right. Out of time


  1. Emma, that has to be one of the bravest things I've ever read. There's merit and caring in it that is in short supply outside the walls as it is inside. My compliments and best wishes.

    1. Thank you from both of us. Perhaps you can understand a small part of why I am so very proud of my son.

  2. Dear Emma,
    you can be proud of your son. As Geo. said: real caring for others is seldom. And people feel that he truly cares for them and react in a human way, as the Arab guy, who otherwise only fights.

    1. My son has a truly giving heart. He enjoys making others feel better. I agree that it is a rare quality. I am pleased that you can see it.

  3. Agreeing with previous comments by Geo and Brigitta and your pride does come through, Emma, as well as your son's kindness.