Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I love food. I like the way it looks when it is presented attractively. I like the way it smells. I like the textures and tastes as I enjoy chewing and swallowing. I like the cozy feeling I get when I have finished eating.

There are few foods that I do not like. Liver is the first I think of. I like the taste but the texture is gritty to me and I cannot eat it. Coffee smells so good but it tastes oily and bitter so I have never developed a taste for it. Calamari looks, feels, chews, and tastes like those extra wide rubber bands teachers are so fond of using. I am not fond of a lot of meats. I like my meat dry and a lot of meats are just naturally greasy. Game animals do not appeal to me for a variety of reasons.

I am fond of one dish meals like soups, salads, and casseroles. I have always said that there is nothing you can do to hurt them. Homemade breads are definite comfort food.

That all being said I have some definite favorites. Perhaps more than many people. Let me mention a few.

Lobster tail. I really like lobster but a whole lobster is just too much. The tail is full of meat and is just the right amount for a good meal.

Devil's food cake with fudge frosting. My mother made the best fudge frosting. She made it like regular fudge but it did not set quite as hard. It would spread on the cake and then set a bit more. I have tried to make it myself but I just cannot get the right consistancy.

Creamed peas and potatoes. I often would ask for them along with scrambled eggs for my birthday dinner.

Chilaquiles. This is a Mexican dish. It is made of chunks of tortilla fried with salsa and scrambled eggs.  Try it, you'll like it.

Baclava. Some call it sweeties. It is a desert made with phyllo and honey and nuts. It is extremely rich and sweet. You can only eat one piece.

Pumpkin pie. This is something I could eat until I made myself sick. I have to exercise extreme caution.

Stuffed peppers. Another meal in one piece. All the flavors blend together and yet they are also distinct.

New England boiled dinner. A combination of corned beef, carrots, potatoes, turnips, onions, and cabbage along with a lot of seasonings all in one big pot. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Sweet and sour chicken.The contrasting sweetness and sour of this just has a party in my mouth. Add some shrimp fried rice and I'm in heaven.

Cheese cake. I like the New York cheese cake the best but the no bake kind is really good too. I will not turn either one down.

Manicotti. That big piece of pasta filled with cheeses and covered with a tomato based sauce makes you feel like you have eaten a definite meal.

Poppyseed coffee cake. The poppyseed filling is a custard type with lots of poppy seeds in it. One must be careful though. Poppyseeds are a natural laxative.

Corn on the cob. With lots of butter and pepper it is one of the happiest things of summer.

Watermelon. I could eat it every day and several times a day if the opportunity arose. Sweet, juicy, and a little messy, it is a good way to keep cool on a hot day.

Tea. I like Earl Grey and Irish breakfast tea the best. Some of the herbal teas are too sweet for me.

Chocolate candy. Especially chocolate covered cherries. I also am overly fond of chocolate covered peanuts. Chocolate covered fruits are a treat too.

Frozen fruits. I like to munch on them in the evening while I watch television.They are sweet and cool and they take a while to eat each one.

These are a few of my absolute favorites. Of course if I am having a hot dog and potato chips, that is my favorite at that time. A good steak and baked potato makes my mouth happy. Banana cream pie bursts with flavor and is my favorite while I am eating it. I like food.


  1. Oh my, Emma, I have just read this list of favorite foods while still in bed and before breakfast! I agree with many of your dislikes, like liver and calamari and far too many of your favorites, especially cheesecake, chocolate (dark especially). Never heard of creamed peas and potatoes, i must admit.

    1. You really must try them. Just cut up and boil potatoes. Make a white cream sauce (I like it with a lot of pepper) and then add the peas. Cook until they are all cooked. They are especially good with scrambled eggs and toast or fresh biscuits.